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Brad Guigar\, author of the popular guide\, “The Webcomics Handbook\,” takes you on a step-by-step tutorial of setting up a site\, using social media for promotion\, and making money from your work. \n5:30-6:15PM VIABLE AND GROWING: THE DIGITAL CAREER! (B119)\nGamer\, artist\, programmer\, designer\, engineer\, producer\, analyst\, and musician are just a few of the career possibilities in the video game industry. Join industry veterans such as Eric Kieron Davis (Senior Producer) Bryce Blum (Unikrn – eSports) and Stephen Kick (Night Dive Studios) as they discuss their experience breaking into the digital career space and their best advice for anyone looking to do the same. Moderated by Holder’s Dominion author\, Genese Davis. \n5:30-6:15PM INSIDE THE BLUE BOX (C123)\nYou find them in gardens\, yards\, inside libraries and people’s homes; even painted on front doors. Large\, blue boxes marked “Police Public Call Box.” If you’re not a fan of Doctor Who\, you may not even notice them\, but once you are introduced to them\, a TARDIS will never again escape your notice. When the show made a resurgence in 2005\, the fandom exploded and so did the creativity. Inside a Blue Box is a look at three individuals who have gone to the lengths of building TARDISes. Why would someone undertake constructing a TARDIS? The builders and fans will speak to the importance of Doctor Who and the TARDIS and why this blue box has won such a special place in the hearts of Doctor Who fandom. Join us after the film screening for a Q&A with the director and some of the interviewees. Panelists include Sarah & Caleb Buck\, and Jessica Dwyer. Moderated by Nowal Massari. \n6:00-6:45 PM COMICS GO TO COLLEGE WITH DIANA SCHUTZ\, SUSAN KIRTLEY\, CHRISTINA BLANCH\, HANNAH MEANS-SHANNON AND JON HOLT (ROOM B110)\nComics and graphic novels have come into their own as subjects worthy of—indeed\, demanding—attention from academia. Historians and cultural theorists teach courses\, hold conferences\, and publish books on various aspects of sequential art\, and colleges and universities teach courses in comics as literature and social history as well as how to make them. Here\, to give an overview of various ideas about and approaches to comics studies are a cross-section of comics scholars and teachers\, including:Diana Schutz (former Dark Horse executive editor; instructor at Portland State University)\, Susan Kirtley(Director of Rhetoric and Composition at Portland State University; author of Lynda Barry: Girlhood Through the Looking Glass); Christina Blanch (instructor of online SuperMOOC comics courses; co-writer of The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood)\, Hannah Means-Shannon (associate editor at Dark Horse; former EIC Bleeding Cool and English professor) and Jon Holt (assistant professor of Japanese literature and manga\, Portland State University). The panel is moderated by Danny Fingeroth (Superman on the Couch; Disguised as Clark Kent). \n6:30-7:15PM PROPMAKING FOR BEGINNERS PRESENTED BY VOLPIN PROPS (B119)\nSo you own an exacto\, a hot glue gun\, and a few toilet paper tubes. That doesn’t mean you’re limited to the world of cardboard swords and flimsy paper armor! Learn how to craft detailed and sturdy cosplay replicas without a massive fabrication studio. If you’ve never built anything before and you’re looking to dip your toe into the daunting ocean that is propmaking\, let us be your swim floaties. \n6:30-7:15PM MST3K AND THE ART OF MOVIE RIFFING (C123)\nSince Mystery Science Theater burst onto the scene in 1988\, movie riffing has become an art form expanding across the country. Join the cast of Rabbit Ears: The Show in a discussion of favorite MST3K moments\, as well as where movie riffing stands in popular culture today. We will also be watching the MST3K short film “A Date with Your Family\,” techniques on movie riffing\, information on the new MST3K show\, plus a live “riff-off” to a classic short with members of the audience! \n7:00-7:45PM MARVEL VS DC: THE DAWN OF NERDOM (B110)\nNothing has done more to bring our fandom to mainstream than the Marvel and DC films. However\, not all films are created equal. Join profession nerds as they compare and contrast decades of great (and not so great) TV shows and films from our favorite caped crusaders. This is must for superhero cinephile of the Marvel and DC universe. Hosted by Tony Kim ( \n7:30-8:15PM WORKING WITH WORBLA 101 (B119)\nJoin Air Bubbles and Theena Cosplay as they discuss the basics to the more in-depth process of working with worbla in cosplay. In this panel\, you’ll see in-progress and finished pieces as well as some samples to keep! Bring your questions and comments. \n7:30-8:00PM INSIDE THE RING WITH WWE® SUPERSTAR ROMAN REIGNS™ (C123)\nModerated by Con Radio’s Mo Lightning (conSMASH\, WrestlingAudio Presents). \n7:30-8:15PM COMEDYSPORTZ EXHIBITION PRESENTED BY CSZ PORTLAND (B114 – THE TIPSY WIZARD)\nFamily friendly improv comedy inspired by audience suggestions. \n8:30–10:30PM CREATOR PRO AM: DRINK & DRAW (B114 – THE TIPSY WIZARD)\nAll artist and writers are invited to come and compete in this live drawing and writing competition! You bring the creativity and we will take care of the rest! Scenarios and scenes will be described to the artist and writers\, where you will have 1 hour to compete. Stay through to the end where one writer and one artist will be selected to win amazing prizes! Including prizes from Vantage:Inhouse Productions and U Cre-8 Comics. Hosted by Victor Dandridge. \nSATURDAY\, FEBRUARY 20 \n11:00-11:45AM COSPLAY PANEL (18 AND UNDER) (B110)\nProps\, masks\, lights\, audio\, and much more! Join our teen cosplay panelists as they discuss how cosplay can be made for all ages and abilities. Come a few minutes early to sign up to share your creations\, or just come enjoy the creations of others. Sign-ups will be at the door. After the panel discussion\, there will be time for conversation aimed at getting to know other cosplayers. \n11:00-11:30AM iHEART EXCLUSIVE – TOBIN BELL MEET & GREET (C120)\nOnly attendees with the iHeart badges are able to attend this event. \n11:30-12:15PM HOW TO SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE: CAN STORY SAVE US? (B119)\nFor hundreds of thousands of years\, humans have used storytelling to pass down survival myths—teaching their children and community. Today our culture has new myths. And lots of them. The apocalypse is booming in young adult fiction\, comics\, and movies. Does this stem from our disconnection from Nature? Is it climate change\, drought\, and overpopulation that terrify us? What are we seeking from this new mythology? Why are today’s kids so compelled by dystopian parables? Is it possible that they represent hope for a better tomorrow? Can story help us survive the impending onslaught? This panel includes the storytellers and wilderness survival experts from Trackers Earth. \n11:30-12:15PM AUTHOR ADVICE: FROM CONCEPT TO CONTRACT (C123)\nFor aspiring authors or those who are just curious about the publishing process\, panelists will talk about their own publishing journey and give advice on how to best navigate the often confusing waters of the publishing world. Authors Genese Davis\, Mary E. Summer\, and Jennifer Bosworth will share tips\, tricks\, and trials as they share their writing process and discuss the craft. Co-moderatored by Colleen Houck \n. 12:00-12:45PM BEHIND THE CRAFT (B110)\nA behind the scenes look at costume and prop making. Panelists Abby Darkstar\, Keith Zen (of KeAbtium)\, Zach Fischer (Midnight Armor)\, Bill & Brittany Doran (of Punished Props)\, Jesse Lagers & Chin Chin (of Heroes of Cosplay) discuss Project Management 101 for costume and prop making. They will talk budget to build\, from concept to completion. \n12:30-1:15PM AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D.: ELIZABETH HENSTRIDGE (OREGON BALLROOM 204)\nAs Agent Jemma Simmons\, Elizabeth Henstridge has seen every side of the Marvel Universe: She’s fought alongside S.H.I.E.L.D.\, infiltrated Hydra\, survived the harsh conditions of a mysterious\, possibly Inhuman planet & more! What’s next for Agent Simmons? Bring your questions and find out. \n12:30-1:15PM E2 GAMING – JAPAN’S PREMIER DATING SIM GAME PUBLISHER (B119)\nDating Simulation games are huge in Japan they’re coming to the US! Check out E2 Gaming\, the premier publisher of dating simulation games from Japan\, and learn about this growing mobile video game genre. \n12:30-1:15PM VIPs OF SELF-PUBLISHING (C120)\nSelf-publishing creator\, Victor Dandridge\, heads a forum-style discussion on the practices of self-publishing comic books. Guided with his own years of experience as both a comic book fan and creator\, Victor aims to lead this discussion\, interacting with the attending audience\, to share ideas for comic book production\, marketing and distribution. \n12:30-1:15PM LET’S TALK ABOUT THE NEXT STAR TREK SERIES (C123)\nJoin Star Trek Fans of the NW as we host a discussion about the next Star Trek series. Do we want a ship or no ship? Enterprise or another ship? In what time period should the new series take place? Are we out of futuristic technology? Let’s talk plot lines\, planets\, space stations\, characters\, aliens\, medicine\, actors and more! \n1:00-1:45PM FROM THE AVENGERS TO AGENT CARTER TO JESSICA JONES—AND SOME DUDE NAMED DEADPOOL! MARVEL COMICS AT 77 WITH CAPTAIN AMERICA’S MARK WAID AND SPIDER-MAN’S DANNY FINGEROTH (B110)\nIn 1939\, Marvel Comics #1 debuted\, unleashing The Sub-Mariner and The Human Torch on the world\, and launching what would come to be known as the Marvel Universe. Mark Waid (Captain America; Kingdom Come) and Danny Fingeroth (Deadly Foes of Spider-Man; The Stan Lee Universe) present an illustrated tour through the many decades of comics\, movies and TV series that make up the phenomenon that is Marvel. \n1:00-1:45PM MEETING THE COMPANIONS: ARTHUR DARVILL & ALEX KINGSTON (OREGON BALLROOM 201)\nCompanions with a connection\, Doctor Who’s Rory Williams & River Song\, Arthur Darvill (Legends of Tomorrow) and Alex Kingston (Arrow)\, sit down to discuss how the Doctor has changed their lives\, their connections to the DC Extended Universe\, the importance of stage acting\, and whatever questions you may have in this fan-oriented Q&A. \n1:30-2:15PM OUT FOR A BITE WITH JAMES MARSTERS (OREGON BALLROOM 204)\nBest known for his role as Spike\, the platinum blonde vampire on hit shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel\, James Marsters answers questions about everything from his evolution from acting to music\, and the projects he plans to conquer in the future. \n1:30-2:15PM SPOTLIGHT ON TERRY BROOKS (B119)\nTerry Brooks and the World of Shannara – Del Rey Books published The Sword of Shannara in 1977. Since then\, legendary fantasy author Terry Brooks has written more than 25 New York Times bestselling novels. After more than 3 magical decades\, MTV brought the beloved world of Shannara to life in the new TV series The Shannara Chronicles. Join Terry as he talks about the history of Shannara\, his life as a writer\, and what’s to come in the future. Moderated by his webmaster\, Shawn Speakman (author of The Dark Thorn). \n1:30-2:15PM STORYTELLING WITH MICHAEL GOLDEN (C120)\nJoin groundbreaking storyteller Michael Golden – known for his work on Dr. Strange\, The ‘Nam\, G. I. Joe\, and Batman – as he shares his fundamental rules for how to craft your story and take it to the professional level. \n1:30-2:15PM COSPLAY & MENTAL ILLNESS (C123)\nJoin Mother-Daughter duo\, Dr. Beth Murphy (Psy.D.) and Arielle (Air Bubbles Cosplay) as they discuss the academic and social sides invisible struggles such as depression and anxiety can have on a con or cosplay experience. Arielle will be sharing her struggles with depression so please come with questions and comments. \n2:00-2:45PM ALIAS INVESTIGATIONS: KRYSTEN RITTER & MIKE COLTER (OREGON BALLROOM 201)\nFollowing a tragic end to her brief superhero career\, Jessica Jones tries to rebuild her life as a private investigator\, dealing with cases involving people with remarkable abilities in New York City. Playing the title character is Krysten Ritter (Don’t Trust The B– In Apartment 23\, Breaking Bad). By her side is the famed Hero-For-Hire\, Luke Cage\, played by Mike Coulter (Million Dollar Baby\, Halo: Nightfall). Together\, the two told an incredible story in the first season of Netflix’s Marvel’s Jessica Jones. What stories will they have for their fans? Find out by securing your seat early for this rare Q&A. \n2:00-2:45PM A Q&A WITH TWO CLASSIC DINOSAUR ARTISTS FROM THE SATURDAY MORNING CARTOON ERA: TOM COOK & PHIL ORTIZ (B110)\nTravel back in time to the Animatizoic Era when man had to use crude implements such as the pencil (graphite clenched between wood) and paper (a fiberous material that could be drawn upon with graphite) in order to make your favorite Saturday Morning Cartoons come to life. We call these men the Dinosaurs of time… Tom (He-Man\, Superfriends\, Scooby Doo) and Phil (The Simpsons\, He-Man\, Muppet Babies) have traveled from the distant past of the 1970s and 80s to the present day and they will be available for 45 ticks on your sun dials to answer any questions you may have about the process of the “Good Old Days” of Classic TV animation. \n2:00-3:00PM THE PDX BROADSIDES LIVE (B114 – THE TIPSY WIZARD)\nNerdy music to suit your lifestyle! From Doctor Who to Firefly\, science to shipping\, this band plays the songs that will make your day or at least make you laugh. Guaranteed to give you an extra life!* *(guarantee not guaranteed) \n2:30-3:15PM EVERYTHING’S SHINY\, CAP’N: JEWEL STAITE (OREGON BALLROOM 204)\nViewers of the cult-favorite Firefly know Kaylee Frye as being the optimistic\, sweet member of the crew. How does Jewel Staite compare to her beloved character? Come to this Q&A\, ask your questions about Firefly\, Wonderfalls\, the Killing or her other roles\, and find out for yourself (spoiler: she’s just as sweet!) \n2:30-3:15PM DOCTOR WHO: A JOURNEY THROUGH GENRES (B119)\nWriter and lifelong Whovian Jessica Dwyer continues from her video series “Doctor Who: A Journey Through Genres” to the Wizard World stage with a panel discussing Doctor Who’s unique and perfect storytelling world that allows crossing over into various story genres such as horror\, sci-fi\, westerns\, etc. Also it will cover how the series episodes touches on previous works such as “Frankenstein” and predates others like “Alien” and “The Thing.” \n2:30-3:15PM LAIKA PUPPETS: FROM INSPIRATION TO MOVIE SCREEN (C123)\nFrom Coraline (2009) to Kubo and the Two Strings (premieres this August)\, LAIKA has quickly become the most significant animation studio in the world. Now celebrating its tenth year\, each of the studio’s three animated features has received an Oscar nom. In this session\, take a deep dive into the inspiring world of puppet design and costume fabrication with LAIKA’s Georgina Hayns (Creative Supervisor\, Puppet Fab) and Thalia Lane (Head of Costume). Production puppets will be on display. For more information\, check out\nABOUT LAIKA: Founded in 2005\, Oregon-based LAIKA is an animation studio specializing in feature films. Travis Knight serves as President and CEO of the company\, which is owned by Nike co-founder and Chairman Philip H. Knight. Highlighting the artistry of award-winning filmmakers\, designers and animators\, LAIKA has produced three Oscar-nominated stop-motion movies: Coraline (2009)\, ParaNorman (2012) and The Boxtrolls (2014) as well as the all-CG short Moongirl (2005). The studio’s fourth feature\, Kubo and the Two Strings\, will premiere in theaters worldwide on August 19\, 2016. For more information: \n3:00-3:45PM BOLDLY GOING WITH WILLIAM SHATNER (OREGON BALLROOM 201)\nWith a career spanning over five decades and an extensive résumé that includes starring roles in shows such as Star Trek and Boston Legal\, Emmy-award winner William Shatner takes the stage to dish on the roles that have made him a household name and one of the most renowned men in television history. \n3:00-3:45PM SPOTLIGHT ON BATMAN’S DENNIS O’NEIL (ROOM B110)\n“Legend” is a term that truly applies to Dennis O’Neil. Denny has been writer and editor on just about every major character at Marvel and DC since the late 1960s. Best known for his stints as writer and editor of Batman\, O’Neil has made significant contributions to the mythos of Superman\, Spider-Man\, Green Lantern\, Iron Man\, and many other iconic heroes. He has also been a journalist\, novelist\, lecturer\, and teacher. Longtime colleague Danny Fingeroth (The Stan Lee Universe) speaks with Mr. O about his storied career. \n3:30-4:15PM SURVIVING SAW: TOBIN BELL (OREGON BALLROOM 204)\nCalling all fans of the Saw film series\, here is your chance to discover the face behind Jigsaw! Tobin Bellis best known for his role as the iconic villain\, “Jigsaw” in all seven Saw films\, along with his iconic role\, he has also made guest appearances on numerous award-winning television shows including 24\, The Sopranos\, The West Wing\, Alias\, Criminal Minds\, E.R. and Seinfeld. In addition to Saw\, he has appeared in the films Mississippi Burning\, The Verdict\, Goodfellas\, Sophies Choice\, The Firm\, In the Line of Fire\, the Quick and the Dead\, The Road to Eldorado and An Innocent Man. He will now take the stage to join his fan in an unforgettable Q&A session! \n3:30-4:15PM ODE TO LEADING WOMEN (B119)\nThe year of 2016 has come and the titles\, “Woman Lead\,” and “Female Hero\,” are rapidly evolving. For example\, Rey in Star Wars 7 has spurred many discussions! What have creators fought for in the past for their women title characters and what key ingredients do the creators of today pour into their female leads? Hear from Genese Davis (The Holder’s Dominion)\, Karen Karbo (Lessons on Savoring Life)\,Colleen Houck (Tiger Curse series)\, and Monica Drake (Clown Girl) as they share their creation process for women heroes\, what they think female characters can tackle\, and what they foresee happening to female heroes in the future. \n3:30-4:15PM BRINGING A MINIMALIST ART STYLE TO LIFE: DEVELOPING NECROPOLIS (C123)\nJoin Harebrained Schemes’ Art Directors Chris Rogers and Mike McCain\, along with Environment and Character Leads Matt Lucas and Doug Magruder in a discussion of how they found the minimalist\, aesthetically “clean” look of their new action-roguelike videogame\, Necropolis and brought it to life on screen. The team will discuss their process\, from pre-production to final product\, looking at some of the unique challenges faced and solutions found on the road to realizing their minimalist style for the game. \n4:00-5:00PM JOHN BARROWMAN TAKES OVER (OREGON BALLROOM 201)\nIf you had to ask “the Most Interesting Man In The World” to name his hero\, he wouldn’t hesitate to nameJohn Barrowman as his favorite person. The most charismatic man in show business takes a break from his busy schedule to answer your questions about his roles on Arrow\, Torchwood\, Zero Dark Thirty\, Doctor Who and everything between! \n4:00-4:45PM COSPLAY 000: PREPLANNING – BEFORE YOU TOUCH FABRIC (B110)\nThis panel focuses on a short power point about choosing a cosplay\, preplanning\, planning apps and shopping. It is then followed by a round table discussion and audience Q&As. Great for beginners and advanced cosplayers. \n4:30-5:15PM SAVE THE CHEERLEADER\, SAVE THE WORLD: MILO VENTIMIGLIA (OREGON BALLROOM 204)\nFans will recognize Milo Ventimiglia from such shows as “Gilmore Girls”\, “The Whispers”\, and “Gotham”\, but Milo is probably best known for his portrayal of Peter Petrelli in the 2006 hit series “Heroes”. Now you can join him in a Wizard World Q&A where he takes questions directly from the fans! \n4:30-5:15 CHRISTIAN KANE ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE (B114 – THE TIPSY WIZARD)\nCalling all “Kaniacs” VIPs! Here is your opportunity to be part of an exclusive acoustic performance in an intimate setting with the true rock star of all forms of entertainment! Christian Kane VIP Only Event. \n4:30-5:15PM CROWDFUNDING WITH KICKSTARTER AND PATREON (B119)\nCrowdfunding has revolutionized how independent comics creators make money from their work. We’ll discuss the two dominant forces in crowdfunding — Kickstarter and Patreon — to find out the best ways to use both. \n4:30-5:15PM STAR WARS FAN PANEL (C123)\nThere has been an awakening… can you feel it? The future of fandom has irrevocably been changed with the release of The Force Awakens. Join professional nerds as we discuss 4 decades of Star Wars\, challenge the audience in trivia\, and speculation on what the future of the Star Wars universe. Hosted byTony Kim ( \n5:00-5:45PM PAINTING & WEATHERING FOR PROPS PRESENTED BY VOLPIN PROPS (B110)\nEvery prop should tell a story: where it’s been\, how its lived\, how it’s been used. A war-battered sword will be covered in dents and the blood of vanquished enemies! A futuristic space rifle will be glossy\, smooth and machined – ready for combat. Learn how to simulate these and many other effects with readily available hobby supplies to give your props and replicas a more authentic real-world feel. \n5:15-6:00PM THE DOCTOR WILL SEE YOU: MATT SMITH (OREGON BALLROOM 201)\nEnglish TV actor\, thespian and film director\, Matt Smith\, is joining Wizard World for an inside look into his journey as actor. Best known for his portrayal of the wibbly-wobbly Doctor in the BBC’s Doctor Who\, Matt Smith has not only left his indelible mark on the 50-year-old legacy\, but also taught us that bow ties and fish sticks with custard are cool. Smith began carrying the mantel of Time Lord back in 2009 as the youngest Doctor in the show’s history\, and just retired his sonic screwdriver during the sentimental and heartfelt Christmas Special episode this past December. Join us for this discussion with Matt Smith as he shares his favorite memories of traveling through time\, his growth as an actor over the past 4 years\, and how being the iconic Doctor has changed his life. \n5:30-6:15PM STELA: FUNDAMENTALLY DIGITAL COMICS (B119)\nWhat secret weapon does Stela (the new comic platform built for iPhone and iPad) have for comics fans? Focusing on creators\, fans\, and telling great stories. Ask your questions and hear why Stela is different and how it hopes to unlock a new generation of readers from Senior Editor Jim Gibbons\, Editor Roxy Polk and Portland Stela creators. Plus\, a chance to win a FREE iPod Touch! \n5:30-6:15PM TO BE ANNOUNCED (C123) \n6:00-6:45PM HOW TO WRITE COMICS with BATMAN’S DENNIS O’NEIL\, KINGDOM COME’S MARK WAID\, MARVELS’ KURT BUSIEK AND SPIDER-MAN’S DANNY FINGEROTH (ROOM B110)\nAwesomely accomplished comics writers Dennis O’Neil (Batman; Green Lantern/Green Arrow)\, Mark Waid (Kingdom Come; Captain America)\, Kurt Busiek (Astro City; Marvels) and Danny Fingeroth (How to Create Comics From Script to Print; Spider-Man) talk about how to put together a compelling comics story. Plus\, they’ll answer your questions about both the creative and business sides of the comics writing profession\, including how to find an artist to work with (hint: a comics convention is the number one place!) and how to write exciting dialogue! \n6:00-6:45PM COMEDYSPORTZ EXHIBITION PRESENTED BY CSZ PORTLAND (B114 – THE TIPSY WIZARD)\nFamily friendly improv comedy inspired by audience suggestions. \n6:30-7:15PM IT’S YOUR WRITE! (B119)\nCreating worlds and characters can be a daunting idea. However\, with the right tools\, research\, and inspiration\, the wonderful world of creating and writing becomes your oasis. Join Genese Davis (The Holder’s Dominion)\, Daniel H Wilson (Robopocalypse)\, Eric Kieron Davis (Star Citizen)\, and Megan Kruse (Call Me Home) as they divulge their experience creating worlds and storytelling and how gender and genre sometimes conflict or combine in interesting ways. \n6:30-8:00PM LIVE ACTION FEATURE FILM SCREENING: BAD KIDS GO TO HELL (C123)\nDirected by Matthew Spradlin. Written by co-creators: Matthew Spradlin and Barry “Bazz” Wernick \nStars: Judd Nelson (Breakfast Club\, Billionaire Boys Club)\, Ben Browder (Farscape\, Stargate SG-1)\, Cameron Deane Stewart (Pitch Perfect\, Aquarius)\, Alii Faulkner (Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1)\, Augie Duke (Coyote\, The Badger Game)\, Marc Donato (Degrassi: The Next Generation). \nNewly re-colored and digitally remastered version of the live action feature film based on the best-selling indie comic book series of the same name.Worldwide theatrical release in December 2012. Top 10 most streamed movies on Netflix 2013. Most watched movie on Hulu 2014. \n7:00-9:00PM WIZARD WORLD COSTUME CONTEST SPONSORED BY BANDAI NAMCO (OREGON BALLROOM 201)\nHosted by our very own superheroes Mo Lightning and Victor Dandridge\, the Wizard World Comic Con Costume Contest is no joke. The best of the best will be dressed to impress in their superhero & pop culture finest\, so be prepared for some serious cosplay. You could win an amazing prize package thanks to Bandai Namco in our new special category\, “Best Anime Costume”! Grab your buddies and suit up to take a chance at bringing home the gold! Special guest judges Keith Zen\, Abby Darkstar\, and Harrison Krix of Volpin Props! Anyone interested in participating can sign-up at the Wizard World Information booth inside the exhibition floor on Saturday. Registration closes at 5PM! We’ll see you there! (Recommended for ages 13+) \n7:00-7:45PM BACK TO THE FUTURE: ADVENTURES IN A DELOREAN TIME MACHINE (B110)\n“Join professional time travelers Terry and Oliver Holler as they take you BACK through their incredible journey\, then inspire you forward TO THE FUTURE!” \nTerry and Oliver Holler hand-built their own DeLorean Time Machine\, inspired by the film\, ‘Back to the Future.’ They travel the world raising awareness and funding for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and promoting the official website ‘’ Meet the builders and owners\, Terry and Oliver Holler\, featured in the documentary\, “Back In Time.” \n10:00PM–2:00AM OFFICIAL WIZARD WORLD AFTER PARTY\nJust because the show floor is closed doesn’t mean the party skips a beat! Don’t miss the hottest event of the Wizard World weekend! Head on over to the Official Wizard World After Party! Show your wristband for FREE admission before 10:30pm and for discounted $5+ cover after 10:30pm. Located at: The Barrel Room\, 105 NW 3rd Ave\, Portland\, OR 97209 \nSUNDAY\, FEBRUARY 21\n11:00-11:45AM LIVING BY HIS OWN RULES: CHRISTIAN KANE (OREGON BALLROOM 204)\nA television career that includes The Librarians\, Leverage\, and Angel\, with movie credits that include Just Married and Life or Something Like It\, and a music career that is only getting better\, it’s no wonderChristian Kane has a dedicated following like no other! Join other “Kaniacs” and meet a true rock star of all forms of entertainment. \n11:30-12:15PM GEEKY & QUEER (B110)\nBeing a geek can be hard\, add to that the confusion of finding yourself somewhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum and you may feel very alone. Join the creator of for an exploration of queer representation in fandom\, a brief history of queer characters\, and the people behind those characters. \n11:30-12:15PM THE MANDALORIAN MERCS COSTUME CLUB PRESENTS THE ART OF MAKING WEARABLE DURABLE ARMOR IN SECONDS (B119)\nThis two-fold presentation allows attendees to drop in and meet the Mandalorian Mercs of Concordia Clan\, ask any questions they might have about the charitable organization\, all the while learning how to make armor out of PVC foamboard with simple cutting tools. Every attendee will walk away with a templated piece of armor to work on at home. \n12:00-12:45PM ONCE UPON A CAREER WITH JENNIFER MORRISON (OREGON BALLROOM 204)\nOn-screen\, her mission is to bring back the happy endings to Storybrooke. At Wizard World\, Jennifer Morrison has a mission to meet YOU! In this special discussion\, Jennifer will share behind-the-scenes stories from her storied career (Once Upon a Time\, House\, Mr. & Mrs. Smith\, Urban Legends: Final Cut) and answer any questions you may have. \n12:00-12:45PM U CRE-8 COMICS PRESENTS: CHARACTER CRAFTERS (C120)\nAre you the next GREAT comic creator?! Take the Raconteur’s challenge and design your own character from start to finish! Establish powers\, design costume ideas\, create an origin story and more with U Cre-8 Comics — the PERFECT jumpstart to YOUR comic universe! Hosted by the magical Victor Dandridge. \n12:00-12:45PM HOW DO YOU WANT TO DO THIS?” WITH THE CAST OF GEEK & SUNDRY’S CRITICAL ROLE (C123)\nAttention all #Critters! Come meet your favorite members from the wildly popular Geek & Sundry show\, “Critical Role” in this interactive Q&A! Broadcasting live from Geek & Sundry’s Twitch channel every Thursday\, voice actor Matthew Mercer leads a group of fellow voice actors on epic Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. These familiar voices bring the audience into the full experience of D&D\, allowing imaginations to soar as the characters embark on adventures. This is Critical Role! Panel to include: Laura Bailey\, Liam O’Brian\, Marisha Ray\, Matthew Mercer\, Taliesin Jaffe\, and Travis Willingham! \n12:30-1:15PM “I’M NOT A SIDEKICK…” A DIVERSITY IN POP CULTURE DISCUSSION (B110)\nThe pop culture explosion through comics\, TV and film has opened up new opportunities for cultural diversity; however\, many obstacles still exist. In this humorous but poignant discussion\, diverse geek experts discuss breaking ethnic stereotypes\, current casting decisions and what changes need to happen for us to boldly go into the future. Hosted by Tony Kim ( \n12:30-1:15PM FROM CONCEPT TO MASTER CHIEF – VIDEO GAME CREATION (B119)\nHow do your favorite video games come to be? Hear from special guest speakers including Eric Kieron Davis (Senior Producer) Randall Jahnson (Gun)\, and Brian Jamison (Jumpdrive Studios) about the game creation process\, what questions developers ask\, and what key ingredients they pour into each segment of the game such as the video game characters and the worlds they are destined to master. Just what brings it all together and to life? Moderated by Holder’s Dominion author\, Genese Davis. \n1:00-1:45PM STARRING ON KILLER T.V. SHOWS WITH SCOTT WILSON (OREGON BALLROOM 204)\nJoin Scott Wilson as he answers your questions on his storied TV and Movie career. From his time on In the Heat of the Night\, to AMC’s the Walking Dead and his new project\, Damien. \n1:00-1:45PM COSPLAY WITH FOAM: BEGINNER’S GUIDE (C120)\nCosplaying with Foam is a panel for beginners who are nervous to work with foam for the first time or have never experienced working with the medium.\nWe will hand out examples/samples of foam that we work with ranging from craft foam\, EVA\, expanding foam\, pink panther foam\, ect. This will allow people to feel the different textures and the different widths foam comes in. We will also bring/be in armor pieces that use these different types of foam and where we applied them. \nWe will explain which foam works best for different armor pieces/weapons and how to finish them/shape them. We will explain in detail some techniques that we do with foam and will even demo some in panel. For the demo’s we’d like to have guest from the audience come up and try them out themselves as we talk them through it to show that it literally is that simple\, anyone can do it with the proper instruction. We then will go over finishing techniques as well as what paints work best with what foams and which products to not use. We will also explain the different tools used for the different foams as well as what adhesives work best with the foams and which do not. \n1:00-1:20PM INTRODUCTION TO THE HERO CATS OF STELLAR CITY! (B114 – THE TIPSY WIZARD) Meet Ace\, Cassiopeia\, Midnight\, Belle\, Rocket & Rocco. They’ve saved the world and now they’re touring it. Writer Kyle Puttkammer shares the stories and adventures that await young readers in this hot new graphic novel series from Action Lab Entertainment. \n1:00-1:45PM INDIANA JANE (C123)\nIndiana Jane! Adventurer\, performer…a woman with skills with a whip. Indiana Jane is an entertainer who has performed around the world in festivals\, street shows\, comic cons\, and even for the big corporates like Microsoft. Come see Indiana Jane showcase her skills with a whip while providing an entertaining show suitable for all ages. Audience participation is all a part of this highly entertaining\, funny farce on your favorite movies!\nBe a part of the action! See Indiana Jane …The Adventurer! The woman who wields a whip! \n1:30-2:15PM SUPERSTAR ARTISTS: SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN’S STEVE LIEBER\, THE FOX’S DEAN HASPIEL\, BUFFY’S REBEKAH ISAACS & DR. WHO’S SIMON FRASER (ROOM B110)\nTop comics artists talk about their careers\, their craft\, the comics business and whatever else might come up—and may even show you some of their top-secret techniques! Join peerless pencilers Steve Lieber(Superior Foes of Spider-Man; Whiteout)\, Dean Haspiel (The Fox; Beef With Tomato)\, Rebekah Isaacs(Ms. Marvel; Angel & Faith) and Simon Fraser (Judge Dredd; Dr. Who). Danny Fingeroth (How to Create Comics from Script to Print) moderates. \n1:30-2:15PM INDEPENDENT CREATIVES PANEL (B119)\nIndie Comic Book Creators and Feature Film Producers Panel: Meet the guys who Yahoo! Movies claimed broke the big publisher and “Hollywood mold” to create the successful Bad Kids comic book/movie franchise. Learn how you too can buck the system and turn your idea for a comic book series or movie into a reality from creation\, story boarding\, writing\, all the way to bringing it to market and distribution. \nWho: Barry “Bazz” Wernick (Creator\, Producer)\, Matthew Spradlin (Creator\, Director)\, James Hallam(Writer\, Producer) of the Bad Kidscomic book/movie franchise (Bad Kids Go to Hell\, Bad Kids Go 2 Hell\, Bad Kids of Crestview Academy) \n2:00-2:45PM EXPLORING THE MACABRE WITH ELVIRA (OREGON BALLROOM 204)\nGet to know the woman behind the Mistress of the Dark\, Cassandra Peterson. Better known as Elvira\, Cassandra has been entertaining fans of the macabre for over 30 years now through television\, cinema\, comic books and various forms of merchandising. Hear her favorite stories and maybe hear some new ones during this 45 minute fan Q&A. \n2:00-2:45PM INTRO TO MOLDMAKING PRESENTED BY VOLPIN PROPS (C123)\nMoldmaking and casting can be scary to the beginner: materials are expensive\, techniques are tricky\, and there’s a laundry list of things to consider when figuring out how best to craft your very first mold. Come learn some simple tricks for making your cosplay and propmaking molds a success\, common mistakes to avoid\, and best practices to ensure none of that pricey rubber ends up in the trash can. \n2:30-3:15PM INDY COMICS CREATORS TELL ALL with BILLY DOGMA’S DEAN HASPIEL\, HEREVILLE’S BARRY DEUTSCH\, DAVID CHELSEA IN LOVE’S DAVID CHELSEA & BAGGYWRINKLES’ LUCY BELLWOOD [A Will Eisner Week Prequel] (ROOM B110)\nThe model of comics creators tethered to one or two major publishers\, working on adventures of corporately-owned characters is no longer the only game in town. Many of the top talents in comics work either exclusively on their own material\, while others work both sides of the street\, alternating independent work with mainstream assignments done in their own distinctive styles. In this lead-up to the worldwide comics and graphic novel celebration\, “Will Eisner Week\,” speaking about how they have forged their own paths (and reading from their work)\, are some of the most distinctive creators in comics today: Dean Haspiel (Spider-Man; Billy Dogma)\, Barry Deutsch (Hereville: Hereville: How Mirka Met a Meterorite)\, David Chelsea (David Chelsea in Love; Everybody Gets it Wrong! and Other Stories) and Lucy Bellwood (Baggywrinkles; Down to the Seas Again). The panel is moderated by Danny Fingeroth (The Rough Guide to Graphic Novels; Studs Terkel’s Working). \n2:30-3:15PM MY ENEMY IS MY FRIEND (B119)\nBeware the beast! What makes a great monster or just plain psycho-antagonist? Creators divulge which villains win our hearts or creep us out and why. Special guest speakers Genese Davis (The Holders Dominion)\, Jessica Morrell (Bullies\, Bastards & Bitches)\, Cindy Brown (Ivy Meadows) will share their creative process and what key ingredients they focus on when creating vicious characters. Don’t miss this thrilling discussion. \n3:00-3:45PM KIDS COSTUME CONTEST (C123)\nCalling all kids ages 13 and under to come out and strut your stuff at the Wizard World Comic Con Kids Costume Contest! You won’t want miss this Kodak moment packed with a whole lot of fun\, laughs and prizes for all participants! (Light-hearted competition. Not intended for serious competitors.) \n8:00PM–12:00AM GOTHAM A GO GO!\nMatt Stanger presents a night of swingin’ sixties batman nostalgia in celebration of the 50th year anniversary of Television’s greatest show “Batman”! Portland’s premiere bat group “Bat-Mania” will tear through two ripping sets of garage music inspired by the 66 Batman TV show\, the Hauer Things will try to ruin the show with their special brand of 60s psychedelia while DJ Gregarious aka “the Paisley Ponce” will be spinning groovy music put out during the shows airtime 66-68. The audience will dazzle at the Go Go stylings of French dance sensation Paris Tabou (who has a batgirl costume that cannot be missed!) plus an audience participation decided costume contest will be held at 11pm! Gotham a Go Go is a one of a kind dance party experience! Located at The White Owl Social Club\, 1305 S.E. 8th Ave.\, Portland\, OR 97214. Doors open at 8pm. 21 and over\, $5 ticket at the door and $3 discounted ticket with a Wizard World wristband. \nShares URL: LOCATION:777 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.\, Portland\, CA\, 97232\, United States ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR